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    with the intention of

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    • 可以幫忙用英文回答以下問題嗎? a scientific journal (this is not art). It was created with the intention of evoking such an understanding, or an attempt at such an ...

    • Lotus in a stream文章英翻中

      ... in this volume / were selected /本卷中選出的文章 with the intention/ of providing readers of English/ with the core teachings...

    • 這段英文怎麼翻呀~~~拜託了~~~急急急~~

      打算將這些棍棒存放三年以上。 其實這句怪怪的,我覺得你不妨將整小段貼上來請人翻譯,不然翻譯出來的意思也許會不貼切。 以上是我的答案及建議,希望對你有幫助。