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    • 將下列對話翻譯為中文~~~~~20點

      ...當然愛妳。 男:只有笨蛋才會愛上妳。 2. 男:Please, you only have to say these two words to her.(對A男說) 男:Please, you only have to say these...

    • 請幫我把以下文章翻成英文, and if there are things we want to do, just do it! live a life with no regrets! 」。 These words not only of the father became pillars of my heart, and ...

    • 急~~請英文高手幫忙檢查文法

      ... lawyer office of patent department, my work was Japanese word processing. In the process of dealing with these works(指多項工作時,應有複數), I had learned how...