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  1. with tongue in cheek

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    • 1. 半開玩笑地 He said, with tongue in cheek, that he would have me as his wife when he grew up. 他半開玩笑地說,等他長大之後要我作他的妻子。
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    • Tongue 'N Chic<----means?

      ...rdquo;的意思。 所以如果有人形容自己的評論是“tongue in cheek comments”,用意就是先警告你:&ldquo...rdquo;的評論翻譯如下: On this latter point with fewer fat cops there will be less police corruption...

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      ...with (one's) tongue in (one's) cheek --說話油嘴滑舌地 she talked to you with her tongue in her cheek . --------------------------------------------------------------------------- smooth talking she ...

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      ...quot;big break" came with the publication of his short...east, Sam arrived in New York City...of vivid descriptions and tongue-in-cheek observations were...