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    withdrawal form

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    • 翻譯關於銀行存款及提款問題,謝謝,急,贈20點!

      ...noon fits, you are welcome. D- I need to get the money, the withdrawal form has already been filled in. C - a fine one, you then lead...

    • 請問關於提款機的相關英文單字

      [提款]withdrawal[跨行轉帳]interbank (fund) transfer [餘額查詢]check balance[轉帳(動詞和名詞)] transter (動詞及名詞皆是)[匯款] wire transfer[申請單] application form[金融卡(轉帳用的那種)] ATM card[銀行行員] bank teller[銀行櫃檯] counter...

    • 好像有點亂ˊˋ但請幫我翻..醫學的..網路別來

      Emotional abuse may be the most difficult form of abuse to recognize in clinical practice.精神虐待可能是臨床...raise concern about the possibility of emotional abuse include social withdrawal, excessive anger or aggression, eating disorders...