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  1. withdrawal slip

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    • 請問大大有關提款單的英文要怎麼說

      a deposit slip 存款單 a withdrawal slip 提款單 a remittance slip 匯款單 2008-06-15 20:41:59 補充: 版大很有學習精神...存款 a checking account活期存款帳戶 I'd like to make a deposit / withdrawal / remittance. 我想要-存款/提款/匯款

    • 請英文高手幫忙解答題目2

      ... so I could help you. All shareholders must fill out a withdrawal slip in order to get money. Hotel guests who will be checking out...

    • 英文生活用句!!!!

      ... you please change the battery for me? 2.通常存/提款你要填一張紙 withdrawal/deposit slip (提/存款單) 上面會寫 支票 check ---,---.00 現金 cash ---,---.00...