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    • dream theater - wither翻譯

      那個網站底下(Youtube下面)就有英文歌詞加翻譯了: 底下是第一段:Dream Theater - Wither枯萎 Let it out, let it out Feel the empty space So insecure, find...

    • 龐龍-兩隻蝴蝶歌詞中翻英

      ... and piled to the limit Not repentant that can accompany you to be withered together 2007-04-07 11:26:23 補充: 有點亂

    • 心肝寶貝歌詞譯成英文

      ...set, that's how we live our days. Flowers will bloom and wither, The sky gets dark and bright again, The same questions...