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    within the limit of

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    • 英文句子翻成中文句

      What do you expect from university training within the limit of English education? 就僅在英語教學方面你對大學教育有什麼期盼呢?Within the limit of XXX 在此是指"XXX的範圍內"

    • 請問/when/where possible這句的文法結構?

      ...possible, staff were given the opportunity to determine theirworking schedule within the limits of clinical needs. 由原句來看, where possible應是由附屬子句簡化而來的 所以...

    • 海沙 英翻 懇請回答 [20點]

      ...回答 please The grading of the Approved sea sand shall be within the following limits. The limits of concentration of metal importies in the goods shall be less than the...