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  1. without a moment's thought

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    • 英文聽力5~6分鐘問題回答

      ...delay 5. became a child who is given without a moment's delay hundreds of toys and...little bunny, it would be so nice to never awake or even think twice and go where I want to hop and play, and never...

    • 徵求 You Could Be Happy 翻譯

      ... to 去做你一直想做的事吧 Without me there to hold you back, don't think, just do 我不再是你的負擔 所以什麼都...see you go 我想看著你走 Take a glorious bite out of the whole world 走出屬於...

    • 這首英文歌曲怎麼翻譯呢

      ...我還能做什麼? When every part of every thought leads me straight to you. 當我每一...漸漸的消失了 How did I live a moment without you? 我一前怎麼可能一片刻沒有你的生活? ...