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    • 幾個英文文法問題想請教

      ... who drives without automobile insurance may, _____ an...costly damage. (in the event of / on condition of ) in the event... yet, and ______. A. the chairs have the surgeon place stitches _____ one would like one’s...

    • 英文翻譯@20點

      Heimspiel (德文的「家居玩意」) 的概念將科技融入每日生活的基礎元素中。設計小組在腦力激盪的過程中提出人們在日常生活的基礎上如何與物品互動,以及人們的想法和感覺,因此設計出一系列簡單而有力的產品概念,以使用者的體驗為中心。設計師希望能得到機會,讓...

    • 請英文高手幫我校閱以下詞語和文法

      ...there are any questions and concerns, buyer will need to provide a written document to vendor. If buyer doesn’t notify the vendor about...