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  1. without accident

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    • 1. 安然無恙地 The night passed without accident. 那一夜平安無事地過去了。
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    • 有誰能幫我把這些中文翻譯成英文

      ... over, the traffic accident would not take place to me, if I am without the traffic accident take place, I would not be sent to the hospital, if I am...

    • yet的用法..

      The woman's car was completely destroyed in the accident,yet she walked away without a scratch! "那女人的車子在車禍中完全毀壞 ,然而她卻平安無事." away...

    • die-died用法??

      ...現在式"表達死亡的情況,如: Plants and flowers soon die without water. 盆栽與花沒水很快就會枯死. 2. 死於疾病,飢餓或悲傷時,用...意外時,用 died in 如您舉的例子: He died in an accident.