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    • 尋求統計學高手解題

      ...of size 2 will be drawn at random from the population (without replacement). 母體的平均數為2.5,變異數為1.25,標準差為1...抽樣。樣本平均數的均值為2.5。 (2) Find the standard deviation of the sampling distribution of the sample means...

    • CT的檢查報告!! 翻譯~

      CT of Brain without IV contrast enhancement shows:腦部電腦斷層(胃靜脈...腦池、腦溝及腦室系統皆無擴大情形 No midline structure deviation.無中線結構偏移 Small hypodensities in left...

    • risk and return 請大德們能幫忙解惑(20點)

      ... return of 14 percent, and its standard deviation is 16 percent. Amanda Reckonwith...he there by improve his expected rate of return without changing the risk of his portfolio? The...