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    • 介係詞放句尾的問題

      They are ultra light, extremely responsive, have tremendous battery life and are generally instant-on devices. Tablets, however, aren't that great for being productive on, leaving good reason to still carry around a notebook. 因為tablet屬於一種generally instant-on的device(開機...

    • 請幫我翻成英文(點數10)

      ... among states the 武 wood.This card is very super and without equal in strength~

    • 幫我造英文造句<15點>

      ...因為我母親的病,我不得不放棄出國留學的唯一機會。 諺語: Freedom without equal opportunity is a myth. 機會不均等的自由只是一種神話。 5. question n...