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    without exception

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      【諺】有規則必有例外(或: 凡事皆有例外).
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    • 初級文法相關問題

      ...概念 --> 我沒有不想你 = 我想你 (這一類的) There is no rule without exception. (凡規則必定有例外, 每個規則都有例外) --> there is no 就是"...

    • 一段英文翻譯問題??(請幫忙修改)

      ... friends after coming off duty each time. He was without exception today, so reached the usual place that they often went. Tomorrow...

    • 有人可以簡單的幫我翻譯一下嗎>

      ...the game treaty, the goods bought out are not replaced without exception, But our consumer spends the wallet counting after all...