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  1. without mercy


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    • 1. 毫不留情地;殘忍地 They beat him without mercy. 他們殘忍地打他。
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    • 求好心人幫我翻譯成英文~~

      ... on a dividing island. My coach then lectured me without mercy (My coach then chewed me up with no mercy). There ...

    • 沒愛心的人 英文該怎麼翻~~20點

      為什麼有這麼多沒愛心的人? Why are there so many people without mercy?How come many people out there are heartless?Why is it that many people out there are mean? 2010-11-19 01:58:35 補充: 記得投我一票喔!

    • 判別時態,尋求高手

      ... to buy . The man was taking form a wooden cage and kill it without mercy. 改正過後: When I was at the outdoor market, I ...