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  1. without number

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    • 1. 多得數不清

      I have been there for times without number. 我已去過那裡無數次。

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    • over and over和on and off

      ...再) repeatedly; many times; many a time; times and again; times without number; on many occasions; over and over (again) "斷斷續續地"的意思就是...

    • 多虧了....才能... 的英文

      ...寫再久手指頭也不會痛 With this pen, he claims he can write nonstop without numbing his fingers 2010-12-06 07:08:12 補充: 羅莉: 我的手下敗將...

    • 請幫我回覆英文回信 謝謝? for your quick reply. I understand that you used regular mail without tracking number. I will wait for my package for two more weeks and will contact you...