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    • 這段話 有關商標的中文翻譯

      ...mark was entitled to prohibit a third party from using, without the proprietor's consent, a sign identical with that trade mark when that use was in the course of trade, was in relation to goods or services identical with or similar to those for which that trade...

    • 英翻中~我要交報告了卻看不懂英文4

      3.3.microelectrode的不同的橫截面 WEDG 技術可提供建立某些 microelectrodes的橫截面形狀。 圖12 演出 多microelectrodes的意見。 電發射發生 對探查一但不是對的所有探查同時。 分別,microelectrodes縮進4 個領域, 由於4 連續的脈搏...

    • [♡] 請問 .. 誰會英文翻中文 !

      ...can at friend last one relation follow you relation~ 我喜歡可以當你的朋友並且長久再一起 I wonder whether you would like to give me a chance~ 我想知道你 not want to waste time on the thing without meaning~ 我不是很想把時間...