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    • 1. 不用(沒有)讀書 If you enjoy exercising or learning without studying, you can join one of these activities during your next vacation. 假如你喜愛運動或學習而不用讀書, 在你的下次假期中, 你可以參加這些活動中的一項。
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    • without...without

      ...without 出來的意思 跟 是不一樣 "no" 的用法比較廣... 所以 no study, no success 是可以的 without water, without surviving = 是"沒有水, 也沒有生存 " 而不是 "...

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      Before the veteran, does not have the letter even without studying Facebook era, a feminist Professor once said, everyone ...

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      ...doesn’t care about that as well.Strangely, he could get 100 on the test without studying often. He has a young brother.We like to play computer games...