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    • 木制的;呆板的,笨拙的
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    • 請問wood和wooden的用法

      ... would like to ask which is right, "a wood house" or "a wooden house"...? ANS: Both are right.兩者皆對, 兩種皆有人...

    • the wooden horse episode.

      1.give an account of the wooden horse episode in the Aeneid? 描述一下伊尼伊德的木馬屠城記 2.who ...

    • 請問誰能幫忙查解釋和造句?

      ...quot;祝你健康,卡爾。" n. (名詞 noun) 晚餐, 晚飯晚餐時間 晚餐會 7. wooden This is a wooden bed. 這是張木床。 a. (形容詞 adjective) 木製...