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    • 請問下列英文句子裡的涵義?

      ...同時混合 12 languages die like rivers 語言就像河流一樣逝去 13 words wrapped round and mixing 單字包覆起來後又混合 14 languages die like ...

    • 英文翻譯4題

      ...out the sandwiches Dad had (wrapped) for supper. 大家都同意,然後拿出爸爸包好,當晚餐... the map at this very spot, I saw the words "(scenic) lookout". 地圖上的同樣地點,我看到...

    • 一些英文的歇後語

      ... bad luck when the black cat is turing "away" from you.) 3. WRAP (Rap - 饒舌) 4. smiles - there is a "mile" between the...