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    • 英文選擇題

      ...achieve his goal(不定詞) for him 為對他來說;也就是表示是"他'' (working hard day and night)''日以繼夜的努力工作'' 至於其他的選項 him不但無這樣的用法且語意也不順...

    • 簡單的文法題 ~解析2

      1.This team worked on the plan day and night for a whole week . This is _____ they succeeded in finishing...

    • [英文]這些單字的句子!!!

      ... a story about some cowboys. (這是一個關於牛仔們的故事) 2.He works hard all day and all night. (他整天努力工作) 3.There are lots of books in the...