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    • 1. 在某場所工作 They work in the same building in Taipei. 他們在台北的同一幢大樓裡工作。
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    • work in??

      ...a construction company. 如果你想用 in,通常是指工作於某個行業或領域 He works in education fields. He works in finance industry. 希望對你有幫助...

    • work+ in, at, for的疑問?

      work in: the kind of of place (指行業但沒有公司名字) She works in a shop shop. He works in the theater. He worked in a...

    • work in three shades of black

      i work in three shades of black - rei kawakubo 我想要這句話翻譯和表達的意思... GARÇONS (コム・デ・ギャルソン), was born in Tokyo in 1942. She became famous in the 1980’s because...