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  1. work overtime

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    • 英文被動式

      They can be found working overtime at the office. 2010-08-03 09:37:29 補充...寫成: They can be found by people working overtime at the office.(他們可以被人們發現在公司加班...

    • experience erosion overtime中文

      ...overtime 和版主所問的誤拼 overtime 完全不同: My imagination's been working overtime. (O)--> 這是 work overtime We are experiencing...

    • 關於完成式的疑惑~~~?(10點)

      ...疑惑~~~?(10點) We have been working overtime for a week to fill your order. =>...助動詞, working 才是主要動詞. 5. overtime: adv. 修飾 working 6. for a week : 時間副詞片語 7. to fill...