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  1. work sb. out

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    • 1. 了解某人的睹性 I've never been able to work her out. 我一向無法了解她。
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    • I am stressed out.

      ...因酒精或藥物喪失理智竭 5.The man worked so hard as to burn himself out.=>burn out燒盡,人的力竭 6.This... out before this weekend.=>to baul sb. out假釋 11. Some of the names...

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      ...friendly relationship with sb; get on with sb 6. hang out - 1.(informal) visit a place often; have one's home 2... to-be used to 8. turn to - 1.begin to work hard or energetically 2.go to sb/sth for help, advice, etc...

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      ... with sb.=跟某人作朋友(sb.是somebody的縮寫,可替換成其他名字) the other day=某一天 work out do me a favor=幫我個忙 let...with the correct answers. run out of用盡 ex.They want to find...