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  1. work someone out

    • ph.
      understand someone's character
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    • Are you seeing someone?

      ...句是婉約用語 在問人是不是在交往 沒有特定人 are you seeing someone ?? or can I ask you out for a date ? are you working out 我想因該是說 are you two working out ?? 就是情侶之間合不合...

    • 請幫我解答問題也順便翻譯一下?

      I need someone---S+vt who---pronoun, obj form is whom isn't his duty----adj phrase to "who" to take out the garbage for me------the infinitive adjunct is used after some ...

    • [ 英文 ] 英文片語翻譯....請各位高手幫幫忙

      ... a shadow on (someone)  蒙上一層陰影6.Throw a spanner in the works  (口語)從中搗亂,破壞計劃7.Meet (someone) halfway  與  ..妥協8.Out of one`s depth   不能理解,力所不及9.Come out of one`s shell  (口語...