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  1. work something off

    • ph.
      discharge a debt by working;reduce or eliminate something by work or other activity
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    • ph.
      discharge a debt by working

    Oxford American Dictionary

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    • 英文”慣用語”問題?

      ...especially for amusement 模仿 (某人) 的談吐、舉止等;(嘲弄地) 學 (某人) 的樣 4. take something off = to have a holiday from work on (the stated day) or for (the stated period) 在 (某日或某段時間...

    • 請幫我把這些單字用英文造句跟解釋!!(15點)

      ...: you should take a break as you are working too long. shape (out of shape) : keep the... pouring down in a waterfall off the hill. 8.check something out : To ask someone to look at or examine...

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      ... weak lately, it's something is wrong with his stomach... having... & and on... 他在住院前三天發病的 a car accident. 4. ...incapable from working... 他因為是個煙癮很大的病人致使...