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  1. work something out

    • ph.
      solve a sum or determine an amount by calculation;find the answer to something
    • 釋義


    • 1. solve a sum or determine an amount by calculation
    • 2. find the answer to something
    • 3. plan something in detail
    • 4. accomplish something with difficulty
    • 5. work a mine until it is exhausted of minerals
  2. 知識+

    • work it out』是什麼意思?

      work (something) out 是 figure (something) out 的英式英語化 意思是 "找出" "想出".... "English Phrasal Verbs in Use") ~to work out~ Work out the answers without using a calculator. (意思大意是...

    • i want to study at UH MANOA

      ...recommendation, and you can contact the AROTC program at UH to see if they can work something out with the admission office to give you an edge to get in. There are never...

    • 考應用藝術研究所的自我介紹~麻煩幫我看一下(急)

      ... think my advantage is hardiness and(persistence), if I decide to work (something) out and I will handle it (constantly). I won't let my personal...