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  1. work up to

    • ph.
      proceed gradually towards (something more advanced or intense)
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    • ph.
      proceed gradually toward (something more advanced or intense)

    Oxford American Dictionary

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    • 英文會話work out和up to speed的意思 evolve; amount to (a total or specified figure); add up (to): The total works out to prove effective or successful: Their marriage just didn't...

    • 英文會話work out和up to speed的意思

      A:How have the new fabrication processes been working out? 新製程的現況如何? (Workign out: 解決了嗎? 結果如何?) B:They finally up to speed. 他們總算搞定了(Up to speed:跟上進度或是達到要求) 2008-06-20...

    • 教我這個句子的文法~way up to being

      ...way up 是什麼意思? work my way up or fight my way UP , up 在這邊的中文指奮鬥向上 , 路往上走 你不會講往下奮鬥 work my way down :) 3. 為什麼是to being?to後面不是加原V.嗎? 在這裡的to 並不是隔開兩個動詞...