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  1. worker participation


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    • 管理學一小段英翻中 越快越好~

      除了實質的專業知識,成員們也都需要有普遍想參與的欲望。 并非是每個人都想卷入決策過程,之所以會有參與的欲望主要來自于個人相信: 1. 他們有相關的專業知識。2. 他們的參與會帶來改變。3. 最終的改變會產生他們認為有價值的,他們所寧愿的結果。4. 參與,被組織視為有價值的...

    • 可以幫我英譯以下面試自介嗎~

      ...volunteer workers service, which were special experience for me. In participation in voluntary workers services, I learnt the spirits of helping people...

    • --急--這七句如何翻譯較適切

      ... parents think about your participation in this program? 4. 如果和顧客或同事發生衝突 have a conflict with customers orco-workers, how to deal with it?How would you deal...