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    • 急~~澳簽working holiday visa

      email內容看起來不太完整, 是不是有部分沒貼上? 大意是說已經收到你3/19於網上的申請, 需要你對以下作出聲明: 你已清楚了解申請的條款及內容並同意接受及尊守 你就回email說: I accept all conditions associated with my application and agree to abide by...

    • 紐西蘭打工渡假~我要寫信給紐西蘭 ~中翻英~~謝謝

      Dear Sir/Madam: I applied working holiday visa from New Zealand immigration website on 1/6/2011, however, application ...

    • 請協助翻譯下面這段文章(英翻中)

      ...申請. Our governement offers financial aids to those who hold a working holiday visa. It announces a quota early each year for those in need to apply for...