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    • did u work around the house?意思

      work around the house"的意思不是在家工作,而是整修家裡,如換電燈泡,粉刷牆壁,修補屋頂。。。。 有的時候,"re-arrange furniture"變更家俱的位置,也可以稱為"work around the house"。

    • 商用英文書信-檢查翻譯,請各位大大幫忙,急!!!

      ... are currently looking for some unusual and good quality DIY furniture.We are interested to work with you after seeing your advertisement on the network. It would be...

    • 一段英文翻譯,請幫我檢查(最佳者賞20點)

      ...surronding area. Everyone can design their own furniture anytime and anywhere. 4. 情境:(請想像你的目標族群會怎麼...and learn together. Everybody can learn how to share work and cooperate with the others and learn the ability of...