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  1. worldly goods (or possessions or wealth)

    • ph.
      everything that one owns
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    • 幫忙翻譯一篇英文(中翻英),有關水瓶座的

      ...the basic main point that Aquarius people keep the good interpersonal relationships to watch the mood and guess... innocence is with mixed with operation worldly-wisely constantlying.This totally starts it because...

    • difference between 3 words

      ... to avoid or seeking to evade. Ex.1: He keeps a reserved manner, giving evasive answers to our questions. I hope that helped! Good luck :)

    • 英文翻譯!!!!急~~~~~最好還能有解答!!!

      1.用什麼方式Hawkeye是否是英雄書? 作為英雄, Hawkeye為什麼沒有介入在小說的爱情小说? (莫希乾人的為時) 2.在燃燒的安妮Bradstreet的「如果我們的议院」 (a)報告人為什麼保祐上帝她的房子烧毁? (b)您是否是否是認為當代態度往财产类似或与用這首...