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  1. worm-eaten

    • KK[ˋwɝm͵itn]
    • DJ[ˋwə:m͵i:tn]


    • adj.
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    • 空中美語的翻譯 請幫幫忙(> <) some worms..

      有些蟲喜歡吃書。 而且一些人寧願看書也不吃! 這些人總是被認為是書呆子 .他們愛書.書呆子總是在看一本書,而他或者她可能收集書.你是一位書呆子嗎? 你可能有些地方打錯或是文法不對 我盡力了

    • 英文翻譯句〝急呀〞

      1. Early birds have the worms. Early birds eat the worms. 2. Flora has never been late for piano lessons.

    • 關於鳥的成語英文!! 越多越好

      ... you, apply as soon as possible. The early bird catches the worm. 9. eat like a bird 吃的很少 Ex: We went out for a meal, but she ate...