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    • concentrate on feeling better

      Here you go, Don't worry about a thing, OK? You just concentrate on feeling better, and I'll take care of everything else.你什麼都不要擔心,好不好? 先專心...

    • L/C及出貨,中翻英~謝謝,不要用翻譯機

      ...40'HQ container can accommodate the machine(s) well, about which please do not worry. Best regards, Xxxx Xxx 2010-08-19 15:32:57 補充: 也可以...

    • 英文單字請教及造句! Help!

      ... 謹慎妥當的 It's a well-advised plan.Don't worry. Well-balanced 神智健全的/勻稱的 It's a miracle that after the accident...