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  1. worry about

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    • 1. 焦慮 Such people never have to worry about their future. 這種人從來不必為前途擔憂。 Don't worry yourself about the children, they are old enough to take care of themselves. 別為孩子們操心, 他們已經長大, 己會照顧自己了。
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    • worry aboutworried about?

      ...的過去式(表示這是過去的情況,但現在己經不同了)或當形容詞用。 I worry about her constantly.(接代名詞) I work in a school so I don't...

    • worry about後面可以接子 句嗎?

      worry about後面可接子句,但本句中about不可省略 因為worry作為及物動詞"擔心"的... about something (為...事而擔心) 2. 事 + worry 人 (...事使人擔心) 人+ worry about something, (某人擔心…) worry只作不及物動詞用。 因此,about不可省略,但是可以...

    • 這4個單字的意思是什麼?

      #worry about worry作憂慮, 煩惱解時, 後可接about或over, worry over比worry about 所表示的憂慮更為持久, 專注。 ex.... 我擔心犯錯。 註:同義︰be worried about #be careful about be careful about/of...