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  1. worse

    • IPA[wɜːs]



    • adj.
    • adv.
    • n.
      更糟的情況; 變更惡劣
    • 釋義


    • 1. 更壞的 there's nothing worse than ... 沒有比…更糟糕的了 I’ve been to far worse places 我去過糟糕得多的地方
    • 2. 更差的 the film is worse than the book 電影比書還要差 I'm not a good swimmer, but she's even worse than me 我游泳游得不好,但她甚至比我還差
    • 3. 更嚴重的; 越來越響 and to make matters worse, ... 更嚴重的是,… there are worse things in life than ... 生活中還有比…更嚴重的事
    • 4. 健康狀況更差的 he's getting/feeling worse 他健康狀況/感覺更糟了 he's worse than he was yesterday 他的病情比昨天更嚴重了
    • 5. 更不高興的 his death made me feel worse 他的去世使我很難過 to be none the worse for it/the experience 絲毫沒有因此/因這件事心情更壞
    • 6. 更不合適的 the decision couldn't have come at a worse time 這個時候作決定是最不恰當的


    • 1. 更糟糕地 the interview could not have gone worse 那次面談糟透了 to think worse of sb./sth. 對某人/某事物評價更低
    • 2. 更差地 to do worse 幹得更差 he sings worse than you 他唱得比你還差
    • 3. 更嚴重地 it’s raining worse than ever 雨下得比以往都大 to hurt worse than yesterday 疼得比昨天還厲害
    • 4. 更不合適地 he could hardly be worse suited for this job 他最不適合做這項工作


    • 1. 更糟的情況; 變更惡劣 there is worse to come 更糟的還在後頭 prison or worse 牢獄或者更糟的地方