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  1. would

    • KK[wʊd]
    • DJ[wud]


    • aux.
    • 釋義
    • 相關詞
    • aux.
    • 1. (will的過去式,表示過去未來式)將

      She said she would come. 她說過她會來的。

    • 2. (表示意志)願,要;偏要

      I told her to stop nagging, but she just wouldn't listen. 我叫她別再嘮叨,可她就是不聽。

    • 3. (表示過去的習慣)總是,總會

      He would sit silent for hours. 他常常接連好幾個小時默默地坐著。

    • 4. (表示推測)大概,會

      I think he would accept the invitation. 我想他會接受邀請的。

    • 5. (表示喜歡,意願)願意,要,想

      I would like to have a word with you. 我想同你說句話。

    • 6. (表示虛擬,假設,條件等)要,將要;會,就會

      If I were younger, I would join you in the expedition to the Antarctic. 如果我年輕些,我就會跟你們一起去南極探險。

    • 7. (表示婉轉的請求)請

      Would it be convenient for you to leave tomorrow? 明天走你方便嗎?

      Would you please come tonight? 你今晚來一下好嗎?

    • 8. (表示願望)但願,要是……多好

      I wish you wouldn't smoke any more. 我希望你別再抽菸了。

    • 9. 能,能夠

      The hall would seat one thousand people. 這個大廳能坐一千人。

    • ph. 想要(客氣用語)

    • Would you like to go? 你想去嗎?

      Would you like to help me to pack? 請問你想幫忙我綑紮嗎?

    • ph. 寧願, 較喜歡

    • They would rather try it again. 他們寧願再試一次。

      We would rather have the smaller room than the larger one. 我們寧願要小房間, 也不願要大房間。

    • ph. 想要

    • a.[Z 想要成為的

    • There are many would-be actors and actresses in Hollywood. 在好萊塢有許多想要成為男女演員的人。

      I met her first when I was a very young would-be musician. 我初次見到她時,我還是個一心想成為音樂家的十分年輕的人。

    • ph. 想要

    • = would have

    • adj.
    • would-be intellectuals 未來的知識分子
    • n.
    • = would have

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    • IPA[wʊd]



    • aux.
    • he said he would come 他說他要來

      I thought I would be late 我以為要遲到了

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      1. would (will的過去式,表示過去未來式) would + 原形動詞 = 表示同現在事實相反的假設 If they were here, they would help you. 2. would be + (動詞 + ing) = 表示對將來的假設 因為前面用...

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