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  1. wrap up

    • ph.
      put on (or dress someone in) warm clothes;be quiet; stop talking or making a noise
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    • "wrapping up"是什麼意思啊!可以幫我翻譯一下嗎?

      wrap up=>結束 [phrasal verb] 1 wrap (something) up or wrap up (something) or wrap up : to finish or end (something...151112140438413872095080.jpg 2011-12-15 08:44:06 補充: wrap up這動詞片語就是finish之意,為什麼要想得那樣...

    • Rock and Wrap It Up 是什麼意思 ????

      ...hotel disposed, they began the relationship of "Rock and Wrap It Up". Rock and Wrap It Up 是一個非營利組織,他們...

    • "wrap up" & "live out"

      1. I wrapped it in pink paper. I wrapped it up in pink paper. 前者是一個過去的包裝動作; 後者多加一個介副詞up, 與wrapped...