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  1. wrap up

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      包裹, 包好, 裹住;穿得暖和
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    • 1. 包裹, 包好, 裹住 Mother wraps up the children's presents on Christmas Eve. 聖誕節前夕母親把送給孩子的禮物包了起來。
    • 2. 穿得暖和 You'd better wrap up well before going out. 你最好穿暖和些再出去。
    • 3. 掩飾, 隱藏 Why does he wrap up his meaning in such obscure language? 他為什麼用這樣隱晦的語言來掩飾他的觀點呢?
    • 4. 【美】【口】完成, 結束 The salesman had already wrapped up a couple of deals by lunch-time. 那個售貨員在午飯前已經做完了幾筆生意。 They wrapped up a couple of deals before lunch. 他們在午飯前完成了幾筆交易。
    • 5. 【口】贏得比賽 The Mets wrapped up the baseball game in the seventh inning. 梅茨隊在棒球賽第七局中獲勝。
    • 6. 【美】【口】總結, 概括