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      ...包紮 If your water heater tank is a bit past its prime ,Wrap it up in a fiberglass blanket. 如果你的熱水爐筒已經是有一點超過了最佳的狀態,那麼用一張玻璃纖維毯把它包起來。 One of these can be picked up cheaply at a home center and within a few months...

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      ... dense candy of mouthfeel wave propose because surface wrap up in very sweet frosting is it bite mouthfeel that go down silk floss detailed again to impel at first, 2005-11-09 22:39:21 補充: how many subversion a traditional...

    • 英文對話 oral test

      ...always the most beautiful's girl. And they work undivided. They are so wrapped up in one guy that they can not see his faults. What's that meaning...