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  1. writing case

    • n.
      a portable case for holding writing materials and paper.
    • noun: writing case, plural noun: writing cases

  2. 知識+

    • 請解析此句英文

      ...這/那 樣的話) 所以,which 顯然和 write-back 相關。但是 若改成 in write-back case 文法不通 意會的調整,是 in case of a write-back -- 所以就是 "If a...

    • 有人知道 a case in point嗎?

      ...一個很典型的例子) Perhaps the best case in point I can bring up is Into the...have read that book and heaven knows, I've written many times how much I loathe it. (指我能想到...

    • 一題選擇英文問題

      ...是現在式, 表示包包尚未遺失, 為了避免遺失所以要在包包寫上你的名字及住址 Write your name and address on your bag in case you lose it. 答案A用現在完成式, 表包包已經遺失, 與前一句不符 答案...