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  1. wronging

    • wrong的動詞現在分詞、動名詞
  2. 知識+

    • wrong的意思是?

      It is wrong to wrong someone. wrong除了當形容詞外 也可當及物動詞用, 是「冤枉; 虐待」之意...動詞的形式ㄓㄧ. 本句的翻譯是: 1) 冤枉人是不對的. 2) 虐待人是不應該的. wrong還可當名詞用, 是「錯誤; 違法; 壞事; 冤屈」之意. 請參閱: http://tw.dictionary...

    • What wrong with u?

      “What wrong with u? “ 是什麼意思? 應是“What’s Wrong with You...怎麼搞的? 你有甚麼不對勁?要注意這句話有負面指責意義。例如 What’s wrong with you? You’re crazy!You need to just kill yourself. 若是關心...

    • fault、wrong和mistake的差異

      ...those mistakes. I can't blame anyone else. I was wrong, so those mistakes (wrong thoughts or actions) are...