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    • 酵母,發酵粉
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    • 幫偶翻一下~~謝謝

      Yeast starter (shubo or moto) 天然酵母製作階段 A yeast starter, or seed mash of ... white rice from the above two steps, water and a concentration of pure yeast cells. Over the next two weeks, (typically) a concentration of yeast...

    • 請幫我翻藥名(用途),謝謝

      ...有害的物質及毒素,這些有害物質會隨著血液循環至全身各處,成為發病的主因 Yeast (酵母) 酵母菌本身含有豐富的蛋白質,對人類與動物來說甚具營養,所以製糖...

    • 一句食品相關翻譯!

      Effects of yeasts and bacteria on the levels of folates in rye ...