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    yell one's head off

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    • 翻譯英文文章 Fire Alarm

      ... children headed for the firehouse to see where the... traffic. One pedestrian yelled about smelling smoke. ...感到相當興奮。 To top off all the confusion, the fire engine...

    • 可否麻煩英文好的朋友幫我編繹英文繪本,感激不盡!

      ...the ranger shrieked, No more feather-heads jumping off a peak. 6隻小恐龍正從山頂往下跳,阿洽耶... in the street,Ankylosaurus yelled,A car to beat! He charged...

    • The Deerslayer arm, nor bending his head to avoid it. The keen little axe...desperate effort for life, he bounded off with the activity of a deer. There...where it lay, raised the yell of alarm and followed in pursuit...