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  1. yell out


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    • 1. 大聲地叫出 He yelled out orders at everyone. 他大聲地對每個人下命令。
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    • 在百貨公司大叫的英文是什麼 ((急~20點

      大大你好 翻譯如下 to yell out loud in the department store 希望對你有幫助 2011-01-15 14:03:50 補充: 此外 yell out 可替換為 cry out shriek howl out scream shout

    • 英文can't help but

      ...politician speaking, I couldn't help but yell out that he was a lier. When I...所以...I couldn't help myself and yelled out that he was a liar.是正確的寫法。 yell與help...

    • bug out 的意思

      ... or depart, esp. rapidly: I can't help you, so bug off. 17. bug out, Slang. to flee in panic; show panic or alarm. 見上述 Dictionary...