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    • 請各位大大幫忙翻一下英文 (中翻英) when everybody took a break. 4. Your yellow lunchbox is beautiful and cool. 5. Here ... over there? 8. Those picture books, Ted gave me,are so beautiful. 9. So...

    • 急徵兒美遊戲(主題如內)

      ...句型說出手上的彩球顏色 如:I have two balls. one is ted, the other is blue. 然後下一輪摸出三個彩球 說出 如:I.... one is read, another is gree, and the other is yellow.

    • 請幫我翻譯一下英文句子

      ...customer:我房裡沒熱水 manager:我很抱歉,馬上會為您處理 waiter:需要點些甚麼嗎? ted:嗯..我想吃千島沙拉 sam:我想吃帶骨牛排,要全熟的 customer=顧客...