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  1. yes

    • IPA[jes]



    • part
    • n.
    • 名詞複數:yeses

    • 釋義


    • 1. is this your car? — yes (it is) 這是你的汽車嗎?──是的 are you coming? yes or no? 你來嗎?來還是不來?
    • 2. 是吧 you'll be there, yes? 你會在那兒的,對吧?
    • 3. I’ve never met her before — yes, you have 我以前從來沒有見過她──不對,你見過 you don't want to go — yes, I do 你不想去──不,我想去
    • 4. 好的 would you like a drink? — yes, please 你想喝一杯嗎?──好的,請給我來點兒 to say yes to sb./sth. 同意某人/某事
    • 5. 對了 where did I put the keys? oh yes, in my pocket! 我把鑰匙放在哪兒了呢?哦,對了,在我的口袋裡!
    • 6. 真的 Mrs Smith has just won £2 million — yes! — £2 million! 史密斯夫人剛剛贏了200萬英鎊──真的!整整200萬英鎊! they’ve scored another goal — yes! 他們又進了一個球──好極了 !
    • 7. 行了 hurry up: it’s late — yes, yes, I’m coming 快點兒,要遲到了──行了,行了,我就來


    • 1. 同意 can’t you give me a straight yes or no? 你就不能直截了當地告訴我同意還是不同意? when we took a vote, there were nine yeses and 3 noes 我們進行了一次投票,有9票贊成,3票反對
    • 2. 贊成的人 I’ll put you down as a yes 我把你看作贊同者 the yeses and the noes 贊成者和反對者