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    • starting yield意思和currency的用法

      ...都可以用yield當動詞 字典上的例句 an attempt to yield increased profits The investigation yielded some unexpected results. Favourable weather yielded a good crop 二 currency 指貨幣 跟貨幣...

    • 請問[pinged me]是什麼意思

      ...the domain name may be used. For example, ping would yield the same results as typing in the correct numeric address. See...

    • 請教有無類似「事半功倍」的佳句或名言

      ...x00690d;物/fl077.gif 有關~2個成語~ 1、事半功倍=事半功百 To yield twice the result with half the effort . 2、捷足先登: First come first...