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  1. yield curve

    • n.
      a curve on a graph in which the yield of fixed-interest securities is plotted against the length of time they have to run to maturity.
    • noun: yield curve, plural noun: yield curves

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      ...理論), investors have specific needs in terms of maturity and so yield curve reflects intersection of demand and supply of individual maturities. 根據...

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      ...計算在期限架構下到期值為1~5年的利率各是多少,and plot the resulting yield curves for the following series of one-year interest rates over the next five...

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      ...債券)價格,根據息票債券的資料利用拔靴法繪出零息利率曲線 3. Zero curve bootstrapping from coupon bond data given yield 已知(債券)殖利率,根據息票債券的資料利用拔靴法繪出零息利率曲線 2008...