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  1. yield management

    • n.
      the process of making frequent adjustments in the price of a product in response to certain market factors, such as demand or competition.
    • noun: yield management, plural noun: yield managements

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    • Human Capital Management 怎麼翻譯

      ...耗費一定量的稀缺資源形成的,這種投資是為增加未來收益而進行的。 "Yield Management"又稱收益管理,解釋如下: 收益管理(又稱:產出管理、價格彈性管理...

    • 餐旅概論的名詞解釋

      ...通常在半夜截止,而平常擔任會計出納的職員,通常不會熬夜為此加班。 8. yield management 利潤管理是指一種能夠瞭解、預期、影響顧客行為的過程,其目的在於透過固定...

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      ... booking of consecutive nights is a main difference between yield management in hotels when compared with airlines. 一個客人較早預訂...