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  1. yield stress

    • n.
      the value of stress at a yield point or at the yield strength.
    • noun: yield stress, plural noun: yield stresses

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    • 求英文解釋名詞

      ...圖』 ■9. yielding降伏 《解說》:yielding point就是『降伏點』,yielding stress就是『降伏應力』 ■10. strain hardening『應變硬化』 《解說》:材料經過...

    • 幫我翻譯這句 力學的 英文

      ...增加。 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 還有這句 Offset yield strength ------ the stress required to produce an allowable amount of permanent strain 偏移降伏强度...

    • 關於結構設計(中翻英)

      ... is designed to obtain the maximum stress shall not exceed the material yield stress value constraints. Implementation of the method, first select...